Saturday, January 17, 2015

You get nowhere.

So. Ha ha. Yeah.

I have a herniated disc.

After dealing with this lower back pain for a month, I finally saw a doctor. I mean, come on. The holidays and everything else. But I saw her and she saw me, and sent me to a physical therapist who said, yeah. You have a herniated disc.

On Dec. 8, I was in the back yard felling trees and must have harmed myself. It didn't hurt until the next night, but he's pretty sure that's how it happened and I guess I am, too. The physical therapist does not believe it is permanent, that it is something I can take care of with a regular set of exercises which I have been carrying out diligently as prescribed since Wednesday.

And it has helped, though it has not made the pain disappear. But the difference is remarkable, as of Wednesday morning (pre-visit) it felt like I hadn't made any progress at all, and I haven't felt anywhere near that poor since.

So wish me luck. And listen to my wife.

Temperature: 46°
Distance: 2.7 miles

Running in shorts. The breeze was biting, but blimey that was beautiful. Running isn't a problem. Bending over and picking things up is a problem. Today is a good day, though, and I can only hope they will get better.

1971 Playlist
You Shouldn't Do That - Hawkwind
One of These Days - Pink Floyd

Two songs in twenty-two minutes. Those were the days.

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