Sunday, January 25, 2015

I been up, I been down.

Light snow, freezing temps. We have a crust which cannot be shoveled.

Today the boy would play with his band at the Beachland, but he woke with great pain in his left knee, the one on which he has been hobbling. Tomorrow we see an orthopedist at 9 AM. I am sorry it has taken a week to get him to see one.

It makes me sad, I am currently unable to lift, which means it is difficult to help him limp from one thing to another. He is such a big boy now.

We shall see about the gig. He is currently in the bath.

Temperature: 27°
Distance: 3.5 miles

Why a run, why today? Because it is Sunday. Because I can. These short runs are place holders until the weather breaks, and hopefully, my own physical difficulties abate. I will make another appointment with the PT, to see what the next step should be. The pain is not what it was, but it has localized, and not disappeared.

Also, there is time, at the moment, right now, to do this. No idea what will happen later.

1975 Playlist
Kashmir * - Led Zeppelin
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Island Girl - Elton John
You're My Best Friend - Queen
Tush - ZZ Top
Squeeze Box - The Who
Rock and Roll All Nite - KISS

Wow, Sir Elton! I've never listened to the words before, but that song is really fucking racist!


Stephani Itibrout said...

I was playing some Andrews Sisters in my classroom, and one day I actually listened to some of the lyrics. . .which, if not downright racist, were at least in poor taste. Hmmmm.

pengo said...

Drinking rum and Coca-Cola ..?

Carolyn k said...

Why a run, why today? Because it is Sunday. Because I can.
Indeed, David. You got me up and out, and I brought along the dog for the first time, too. Thanks.