Monday, January 19, 2015

What's coming round the corner?

This morning I have decided to run first, then do my back exercises. Yes, sure, why not. It has been a low-key, four-day weekend, by design and also accident. And that is all right with me any my wife. Last night was not a late one, spent largely editing a work of Shakespeare and Middleton.

There's a lot of verse afoot, and I am trying not to take any of it very seriously. Right now I am also reading something from K.W. Bromley which I have not picked up before, and that is helping me keep it unreal.

Temperature: 36
Distance: 1.75 miles

Okay. So? Mistakes I have made this morning:
  1. I neglected to eat anything first. Making breakfast for the girl and her sleepover friend, I did not think to prepare any for myself.
  2. Never had a glass of water. Taking care of the right now.
  3. The sidewalks of a sidestreet clogged with icy mounds of snow, I jogged into the street, hit a patch of ice and tumbled to my hands and knees. In the street.
No damage, not even my cold weather pants. You know, I have had this one par if pants for ten years, I think. I think my brother got them for me for Christmas in 2004. They hold up.

What I have not mentioned is that there was a car heading in my direction. It was not close, it was just turning the corner up ahead about a thousand yards. But I saw it as I fell and scrambled quickly to get my feet, to move. I looked up, it was still far ahead, moving slowly, but so what? What if it hadn't been?

The driver slowed to ask if I was all right. I was, except for the fear. And my knees sting a little. My back is okay. I was foolish. I must make such careless mistakes several times during every single run.

1973 Playlist
Travelin' Prayer - Billy Joel
Skokian - Hot Butter
5.15 - The Who
Living For the City - Stevie Wonder
Mother of Pearl - Roxy Music

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