Saturday, October 28, 2006


8 Days to NYC Marathon

Distance: 6 miles
Weight: 167 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Drink: yes
Time: 3pm
Weather: 41º Thunder, lightning, driving rain and hail.

"Chunk Style" Playlist
Stretches: Don't Believe the Hype - Public Enemy
Bust a Move - Young MC
Down In It (Shred) - Nine Inch Nails
Tread Water - De La Soul
Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
Unbelieveable - EMF
The Globe - Big Audio Dynamite II
Cantaloop (Flip Fantastia) - Us3
Doctorin' the Tardis - The KLF
Imagination - Exotic Birds
Bring the Noise - Public Enemy
Change In Speak - De La Soul
Express Yourself - Madonna
Hippychick - Soho
Cooldown(?): Doowutchyalike - Digital Underground

Oh yes, hail. Sirens, tree branches falling, a total mess. In the first mile. Why didn't I stop? I have no idea, something to do with running 26.2 miles a week from tomorrow. If I can do this, I can do that.

Unless, of course, the weather is like this in eight days. Then I don't know what the hell I'll do.

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