Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lonesome for a place I know

Distance: Almost 7 miles
Stretches: yes
Drink: Lucozade
Snack: NutriGrain bar (before) & Special K bar (after)
Time: 7am
Weather: cool & crisp

Accelerator (162 BPM) - dj steveboy
"This one feels like it speeds up (it doesn't) until it gets enough velocity to leave the planet. After that it's one big space race."

It was a whirlwind journey to London, but I did get a decent night's sleep the night before (8 hours - barely noticed it) and got up at the EST equivalent of 1.30am to go running. If I had planned a little bteer I may have know it was the date of the London 10K - 30,000 people! - and signed up. But the first race was to be at 10:15 and then I would have no morning in Covent Garden.

As it was Hyde Park had all these temporary barricades strung through it, which I was too confused to go around. What if I got yelled at? That kind of thing. So I altered my route, to one which was much more ... boring (I am not a big fan of Hyde Park, anyway) and headed out towards St. James.

Yes, you know you are in London when you are jogging past Buckingham Palace ... and there's absolutely no one else around.

So different, running through St. James than strolling through it. I used to think it was so large, but it only took a few minutes. The playground the kids used back in March, I have photos that make it look much bigger, it was like a tiny patch.

A small man, on the another side of the planet, going for a run. Different air, different land, same pair of shoes.

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