Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Listening to the sounds of my own body

5 Days to NYC Marathon

Distance: 4 miles
Weight: 166 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Drink: Gatorade Endurance
Snack: macaroni
Time: 2.30pm
Weather: 55ยบ cool, wet, windy, and very, very pleasant

No soundtrack, from here on our it's the sound of my own breathing. Not that it will be that quiet in New York, far from it, but I won't have the kind of music in my ears I have been training with.

And it was a little difficult. More aware of the way my body moves, and I wasn't that confident about it. A little creaky. White noise in both ears can help you ignore that. So can thousands of cheering New Yawkers, or so I am hoping.

Here's what I can feel good about; no braces on my shins, no braces on my knees. I saw a doctor today, my blood pressure and my resting heart rate were excellent. No, funny, I didn't lose a single pound training, but I have been enjoying food a lot more.

Thanks for the comment, Henrik. That was funny.

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