Friday, July 10, 2009


What Might Pengo See at the Fringe?


Intangible Collective
Writer: Anthony Fascious Martinez
Director: Shidan Majidi
A one man Hip Hop musical about growing up in the Bronx and discovering manhood in the absence of a father in prison. Described as "Bold, daring, and fearless…truly innovative,” by HBO Def Poetry’s Producer, Kamilah Forbes.
1h 15m Local Bronx, New York FringeHIGH Musical
Staycation: In Someone Else's Shoes My NYC Story

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Fuse (161 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 62ยบ
Weather: cool & humid
Weight: 154.5 lbs.

Slow crawl to consciousness, but I made it. Four runs in five weekdays. I will take it easy over the weekend - that is counter-intuitive, but there is just too much to do - interim reports, rooms to be painted, a script to be rebooted ...

The girl ran into our room in the middle of the night, I mean ran. She had a nightmare. Joining us in bed used to be no big deal, only her teeth are coming in all cock-eyed (trip to the orthodontist next week, you know we had that in the budget) and she is seriously trying to find her bite while she sleeps. Hence - grinding. Major, awful, hellish grinding. I didn't sleep the last two hours. But I got up. I had to. I am on my feet at this arts camp all day, and I need to start from 60.

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