Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How I Ran 5 Marathons in 4 Days!

What Might Pengo See at the Fringe?

Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party
BlueRare Productions, San Francisco Playhouse, PlayGround
Writer: Aaron Loeb
Director: Chris Smith
Romance! Murder! Dancing! Honest Abe's hometown puts a teacher on trial for asking "Was Lincoln gay?" in this new comedy of political "values". See the events through the eyes of the prosecution, defense or big city reporter. You decide the order.
2h 15m National San Franciso, CA Comedy Drama
Staycation: Summer Camp(y) Ride the Rollercoaster of Love

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Cruse Control (175 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 60ยบ
Weather: cool & wet
Weight: 155 lbs.

They gave us our performance schedules the other day - with a caveat not to PRINT them on any marketing materials. I don't think the Internet counts, so I am going ahead and announcing ...

AND THEN YOU DIE (How I Ran a Marathon in 26.2 Years)
FringeNYC Performance Schedule!

VENUE #6: The Robert Moss Theater
440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St., 3rd Floor
(between Astor Place/ East 4th St.)

N, R, W to 8th St.
6 to Astor Place

WED 8/19 @ 8:45-10:05
THUR 8/20 @ 6:45-8:05
FRI 8/21 @ 2:45-4:05
FRI 8/21 @ 9:00-10:20
SAT 8/22 @ 2:00-3:20

That's right kids - five performances in four days! Kind of exciting, really. And scary. But really, really exciting. AWESOME SPACE! In our last excursion, I was in that legendary "clown car" of a space (thanks, Sepesy) way out West (8th Avenue!) a former walk-down apartment with 40 seats and a dinky stage that would have made this production impossible.

The Robert Moss looks amazing, with a new floor, 68 seats and it's just a tremendous location. This space and schedule are tentative, as anyone who needs their schedule changed will throw everyone else's into flux, so I am really hoping nothing goes wrong.

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