Saturday, July 18, 2009

Split Level

Facebook, we love you!

My wife reconnected just recently with Brian, one of her high school friends, whom she hadn't seen since maybe 1988. One conversation led to another, and as part of our journey to the big boat (which departs from Bayonne) we have spent the night in Brian and his partner Marco's beautiful 70s-era split level ranch house in West Orange, NJ.

Yesterday afternoon we pull off he Interstate for lunch in Clearfield, PA. As a tradition, when we are on a "real" road trip (i.e. not just going to Athens) we will not stop at chain restaurants. So we pressed on past the throng of business conveniently located by the exit, and took the 3-mile excursion into Clearfield proper.

In short order we found a place called Moena, an Italian restaurant with a rather fancy looking dinner menu but a great, varied lunch menu.

Almost instantly, however, my wife began feeling like we knew this place and swiftly realized we had enjoyed New Year's Even dinner here to ring in 1999 with a couple we were staying at a B&B in State College with for a weekend. Bizarre. Could have stopped one exit before or after and entirely missed that.

Good God, weight gain is going to be an issue.

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Bubble said...

Oh, how I heart Brian. I am so fucking jealous that you got to stay with him!!!