Monday, July 13, 2009


The Other Shows at Our Venue!

VENUE #6: The Robert Moss Theater

38 Witnessed Her Death, I Witnessed Her Love: The Lonely Secret of Mary Ann Zielonko

Be the Dog
Dances in Funny
Dominizuelan Presents: People in the City
Face the Music…and Dance!
Long Walk Home, A
Scattered Lives
Some Editing and Some Theme Music
Tell It To Me Slowly
Ukrainian Eggs: Tales of Tragedy and Allegory

That's a lot of shows in one venue. A lot of dance!

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Take It In Stride (131 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 62ยบ
Weather: cool & humid
Weight: 154.5 lbs.

Josh sent me this link about Vibram FiveFingers. Oh yay, the Crocs of 2009. Butt-ugly frog-feet, my wife tried on her mom's pair last weekend and just loved them. The review says running in them is "like running barefoot, except without the mincing Ow-ow-ow! moments." And it suggests running barefoot may be result in fewer injuries (other than lacerating flesh wounds.) So who knows, maybe.

Wired - the bible for who I want to be, and never will. And that's what a magazine is for.

The girl had friends over Saturday, they had hula hoops and wanted to show off the moves. For my part, I found the jump rope. My jump rope. The jump rope I got in college which has been kicking around for twenty years and ended up in the kids' room. I showed off my jump roping moves.

Lesson number one: Jumping rope is like riding a bicycle. Or juggling. You never forget.

Lesson number two: Jumping ropes feels very, very bad for your knees.

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Bubble said...

What is it with hula hoops this summer? I find myself with TWO hoops. I am very bad at it, but I still try anyway. Just like the guitar.

I am better at the guitar.