Friday, July 17, 2009


2009 FringeNYC Program Guide

How bizarre. Just like five years ago, a major part of my preparation for the NY Fringe is taking a vacation. This is one is a little special, my folks are having their 50th wedding anniversary (it was in May, ackshodry) and my brothers, their wives and kids are all taking a big boat for Bermuda.

And why not? The promo is in place, Kelly (SM) & Sabrina (ACR) are tag-teaming the technical elements of the production, Josh has completed the new trailer and designed and published the postcard (which I am schlepping to NYC to drop before we disembark) and I have a paperback murder mystery. Time to put my feet up. And take laps around the deck of a really large boat.

Comfort Inn in Mercer, PA. Wow. No wonder Trent is so bitter.

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