Sunday, April 27, 2014

A half a million thoughts are flowing through my mind.

Sporting my CLE 2012 T-shirt today, the girl remarked that she is in this for the shirts.

Girl On The Run
Temperature: 45°
Distance: 2 miles (running & walking)

The big issue right now is cramping. She, like most people, gets stitches when she runs. She takes it very hard. I told her the same thing I have told several of my adult friends, the challenge in running is not strength training, it's not your muscles or your weight. It's breathing.

She says she breathes all the time, she is breathing heavily when she plays soccer. I tell her it's not the same thing, and try to explain why, but she is too disappointed to listen. Maybe she's listening anyway. But we need to work on breath, that's all there is to it.

Temperature: 54°
Distance: 4 miles

2004 Playlist
Based upon "Bolero" - Jazzelicious
Call On Me (Eric Prydz vs. R------- Funk Mix) - Eric Prydz
L-L-Love - Astaire
Everyone Is Someone In L.A. - Felix da Housecat
Short Skirts - Felix da Housecat
40 Ft - Franz Ferdinand
Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation
In The Waiting Line - Zero 7

Best. Summer. Ever.

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