Friday, April 11, 2014

Now is all we get.


Out into the world. This afternoon a former actor-teacher and I met for Dynomite burgers on Star Plaza. Just as the weather breaks Playhouse Square, the neighborhood where I work is being festooned in preparation for a huge celebration.

Some colleagues of mine and I are preparing a special performance event, I am flipping between several rehearsals. Tomorrow I have events to attend at the Hanna, my folks and my brother’s in-laws are going to see As You Like It tomorrow afternoon, I have to be there to represent the company in a few capacities.

Sometimes I feel so tethered to me social media, like I can’t go two minutes without checking my email or Facebook, and yet there I also am, with the wife, watching soccer practice and talking to fellow parents.

Tonight a run, because who knows if I will get a chance tomorrow, I will be so away from here and busy. It is a goal to wrap up 49 Playlists by the end of April, and that will take commitment.

Speaking of which, I have decided never to run the same marathon twice. How many do I have left? So NYC and CLE are out. But there are many others and I may have chosen one.

Temperature: 54°
Distance: 3.25 miles

Oh, how I have missed a cool nighttime run! However, that is as close to a live possum as I ever want to be, ever again, ever ever never.

1979 Playlist
It’s Different For Girls - Joe Jackson
Ready for the ‘80s - Village People
Bad Girls - Donna Summer
Voulez Vous - ABBA
Planet Claire - The B-52’s
Plastic Passion - The Cure
Tusk - Fleetwood Mac

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