Saturday, April 12, 2014

While my blood’s still flowing.

Calves, shins and ankles very stiff and sore this morning. Hobbling around the house, making coffee and toasting bagels . No doubt the past two days I have been charging a bit too much, high bpm, going fast, lifting my toes.

Boy Bike Run
Temperature: 70°

Distance: 2 miles

Just on my way out to enjoy this amazing afternoon, the boy asked if he couldn’t ride alongside me. This does not make for a good run, as it involves running, slower, more carefully, fretting about him not pitching off his bike, and all the necessary walking up the hilly parts.

Of course, I said yes. Because that’s where the father-son talk happens.

Distance: 3 miles

Sweaty, humid, new scene idea for the children’s script, thought of a great bit for the private performance - because this is where the thinking happens.

2009 Playlist

Help I’m Alive - Metric
Hi Friend! - deadmau5 ft. MC Flipside
Pick Up The Phone - Dragonette
When Love Takes Over - David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland
Rude Boy * - Rihanna

Good Lord, I signed up for a race for tomorrow. Totally slipped my mind.

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