Monday, April 21, 2014

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Morning after run for the girl, last night after pushing it out for three miles, she collapsed a bit. Had a few complaints in one knee, one foot. After a lot of recent drama regarding her new running shoes, she has picked up a pair of her mother's old shoes and is very happy to be running in those.

Her feet are currently the size of her mother's, and unfortunately for my wife that will not last. I am sure Toni was looking forward to "borrowing" her adult daughter's shoes.

Today the girl wanted to make two miles, but in the end ran three-quarters, walked a quarter, ran a quarter, walked a half, and ran the rest of the way. You do, as they say, the math. A perfectly acceptable "day after" run for a young person training for a race.

Girl On The Run
Temperature: 65°
Distance: 2 miles (running & walking)

Goals are important.

I had hoped to complete forty-nine runs by the end of April, that's why I do the annual Playlists thing, it keeps me running during the challenging winter months.

However, I ran last week, yesterday and today without making progress on the playlists -- for the girl. And I think those count, too.

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