Sunday, August 06, 2006

It was right for you to run

Distance: 3 miles
Weight: 165.5 lbs.
Stretches: yes (not enough)
Snack: not until after
Sports drink: yes
Time: 7:30am
Weather: cool

"The Brat Pack" Playlist:
Pretty in Pink - Psychadelic Furs
The Big Sky - Kate Bush
The Gap - The Thompson Twins
Da Da Da (Ich Lieb Dich Nicht) - Trio
Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals
My Ever Changing Moods (12" Version) - The Style Council
Into the Groove - Madonna
This Charming Man - The Smiths
Infected - The The

You know what I can't stand about high school reunions? The music. It's all the same stuff you hear on the light rock station. The event organizer, bless her lungs of steel, was trying to get my wife and I on the floor - fortunately - just as we were headed out, but you know, they hadn't played a single song that you could dance to. From the Hooters to Hootie, it was either the wrong song or the wrong era. You can't dance to Born In the the U.S.A., I'm sorry.

Advice to all aspiring 80's party djs - please consult the last two playlists. They will praise you for your taste, even as you drive out the squares.

It's not the long runs that wreck me, it's the day after runs. I cannot stretch enough, something gets hurt on those runs. Today was far more painful than yesterday. I harmed something in my left shin (what else is new) and now I fear I am getting shin splints in my right leg. And I didn't think I needed to eat something before a brief, 3 miler. I was shaking by the time I got back.

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