Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pre-Run Psyche-Up

It's 54º and threatening rain. I will be wearing my rain jacket and old ball cap. I just went out to score more Gatorade, gummi cola bottles, lip balm and waterproof bandages - big 'uns, for my, uh, chest.

Here's the plan ... same old route, down Mayfield through Little Italy, University Circle and down MLK. Down the Shoreway to the Rock Hall, Science Center and the stadium. Then I will need to cut up West 3rd to Superior, cross the Detroit-Superioir Bridge and follow Detroit to the Public Theatre. I will then head north on West 65th, use the pedestrian walkway to to get to Edgewater Park, follwo it to Edgewater Drive, the Lake Avenue, then Clifton Blvd. I will end at my parents house in Lakewood.

Twenty miles. I am taking flight between 2.30 and 3pm, it should take 3 hours and twenty minutes. I will be carrying my cellphone if anyone wants to call.

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