Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers

Ten Miles to Gandhi and back. Toe separator? Check. Gel? Check. Water break mapped out? Check. Lip balm applied? Check. Band-aids on nipples? Check.

Route: Home to Gandhi

Distance: 10 miles
Weight: 165.5 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Breakfast: Cream of Wheat with butter and milk, banana, water, coffee
Drink: 8 oz. Gatorade before and after, 2 water breaks at 3.5 and 6.5 miles
Snack: PowerBar Gel at 5 miles
Start Time: 10.00 am
Duration: about 90 minutes
Temperature: 72º - 75º
Weather: sunny & warm

Ooh-ah, seriously chafed nipples. Something I forgot since last year, I simply have too much hair to rely on a small finger band-aid, I need to restock on the big, waterproof ones. Those suckers were flapping inside my shirt before I got halfway.

And halfway was so nice. I have missed MLK Blvd. since last year's training, but going out there and back is just not worth that kind of effort on a regular basis (check out the elevation) but the new Indian Cultural Garden was dedicated after my long runs were through, so I never got to stop and look at it.

I took off my headphones (sorry, Haircut 100) and took a brief stroll around, reading the quotes at the stone stations and trying to peer up at the old man but the sun was right above him. Go figure. I was sucking on a gel, which I tried not feeling odd about.

Ten miles is too far go so on a sunny day without lip balm in my waistband. And the gel and the water breaks made it much less of a slog than my last long runs down MLK were. It's amazing, all of those runs last July, August and September, and I still hadn't learned most of what I did in the last month before the marathon. I'd figured out water breaks and bathroom breaks, but absolutely nothing about eating on the go.

Pon de Replay - Rihanna
Get the Party Started - Pink
The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
The Distance - Cake
Let Go (canto de ossanho) - Astrud Gilbetro
Wound Up - Office
Grinding Halt - The Cure
Elephants & Flowers - Prince
What's On Your Mind (pure Energy) - Information Society
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
Face the Face - Pete Townshend
Love Plus One - Haircut 100
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) - De La Soul
Closer - Gabriel & Dresden
They Boy From Ipanema - Crystal Waters
Crosseyed and Painless - Talking Heads
Late Bar - Duran Duran
Rock and Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter
The Power - Snap!
A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
We Got the Beat - The Go-Go's
Cooldown: Remember the Time - Michael Jackson

Here's my recent observation about the whole headphone thing ... is this a Boomer vs. Gen X thing? I mean, we're the ones who can't live without a pop soundtrack - I mean, who just check out without one. From Sesame Street to Electric Co. to Schoolhouse Rock we learned everything through music. Then came music videos, Miami Vice and all the rest. If your Revolution doesn't have a beat, I won't dance to it.

Or am I just talking poop?


Henrik said...

Saw "Run, Fatboy, Run" which is a fun Simon Pegg movie - but unlike the ones he does with Edgar Wright, it only works on one level. Some of the running stuff seemed hopelessly naive (like you can train for and run a marathon in 3 weeks.) On the other hand, they got the nipples thing dead right.

Jenny said...

You have great playlists too! Some songs you have listed I have forgotten about, and some I haven't heard of. I will check them out.