Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the wire between will and what will be

Were you aware that Doritos now comes with two flavors in one bag?! It's crazy! Hot Wings flavor in the same bag with Blue Cheese flavor! It's like a party in my mouth! Literally - there is an actual party going on in my mouth!

It is because things like this happen that I will never have a flat stomach.

Still a little rub on the left heel, I'm going without gel cups for the first time in years. I tried stuffing my old ones in there but they don't fit. I believe I will pick some new ones up this afternoon. Otherwise the news shoes are feeling pretty good.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Weight: 166 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Drink: Gatorade
Snack: Zone Perfect bar
Time: 5.30 am
Temperature: 67ยบ
Weather: warm

Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads
Verb: That's What's Happening - Moby
The Globe - Big Audio Dynamite II
Maniac - Michael Sembello
Block Rockin' Beats - Chemical Brothers

Sheryl Crow
"Real Gone"

The Boy loves the talking cars.

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