Saturday, September 08, 2007

To work. To play. To live. To love.

Daft Punk is playing in my head. In my head.

September is difficult. If I want to get out I need to rise at 5 am at the latest - and then after a full day's rehearsal, and spending the evening with family and closing up the house, there's about a half-hour to myself before going to bed around midnight.

If there's one thing I have learned in the ast several months, it's the effect rest has on the human body, or rather, the effect the lack of it has.

But I'd set the clock for five, and knew I would not be happy or get back to sleep - I needed to go running. Right now I am glad I did.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Weight: 168 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Drink: Gatorade
Snack: Balance Bar Gold
Time: 5.40 am
Temperature: 73ยบ
Weather: balmy, overcast, with a broken up sliver of moon

Eleven (Extended Club Mix) - Gabriel & Dresden
Verb: That's What's Happening - Zachary Sanders
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
Digital Love - Daft Punk
Enola Gay - Orchestra Manouvers in the Dark
The Brooklynites - Soul Coughing
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
Cooldown: Emerge (Daft Punk Mix) - Fisherspooner

Zachary Sanders


buryblue said...

OMD and the Vapours I would choose for my playlist Thats an early run you must have to have music to un at this time of day

pengo said...

No kidding. But it's the best way to commune with the sheep.

Actually, we don't have any sheep here.