Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's to say I can't do everything?

The fine print on the Akron Marathon states quite clearly NO HEADPHONES. So for those of you who disdain runners with iPods, or my taste in music in particular, here's my comeuppance. I have serious concerns about my running for two hours without my music.

But then, I really did run most - which is to say more than half - of the NYC Marathon with my headphones down around my neck, listening to the crowd, the bands, the everything. I only really needed them near the end - after I'd gone 18 miles.

The girl and the boy have signed up for the 1K at 9 am. At first, I just thought the girl would run it, she's been asking about it for weeks. Monday we went for a test run/walk around the block, I'd mapped out what 1K is so she understood how long it is. The boy was suppoed to ride in the wagon, but he refused. I couldn't get him to stop running. She needed to stop every few house length to wait for us to catch up, but he just kept huffing and puffing and wouldn't quit until we got there.

I have created two, unstoppable running monsters.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Weight: 167.5 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Drink: coffee, Gatorade
Snack: Zone Perfect bar
Start Time: 5.30 am
Temperature: 68ยบ
Weather: humid, following a rainfall

Watching the wildlife this morning. One skunk, three deer and a bunny. The world without us.

I'm Alright * - Kenny Loggins
Car Wash - Rolls Royce
All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) - Widelife f. Simone
Shake It Up - The Cars
Europa and the Pirate Twins - Thomas Dolby
SexyBack - Justin Timberlake
Rehumaize Yourself - The Police
No Expectations - I Am The World Trade Center
Cooldown: Gave Up - Nine Inch Nails
Cooldown: Upside Down - Jack Johnson

And when are you going to hear those last two songs back to back?

I Am The World Trade Center
"No Expectations"

In an alternate universe, this is the top dance hit of all time.

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Anonymous said...

good luck this weekend!