Sunday, September 16, 2007

Never comprehending the race had long gone by

Am I not in training? Just got all my confirmation mats for the Half Marathon - which is in a day less than two weeks. I keep thinking that 13 miles, while no walk in the park, is something I can just do, and not worry about, as long as I put in regular runs every other day.

It does not help when I have one too many drinks at the wife's birthday party, and then have four hours of sleep. Yesterday was a monster, and fortunately I had the generous fortune of getting in ten hours of sleep last night. Yay, ten!

But seriously, I have put in a few eighters, tried to stretch to at least five or six every weekend, and just keep putting down three milers every other day. However, in spite of trying, very very hard, to keep my water consumption up I have urine the hue of golden honey, and the past two runs have been like moving through sludge. That and my head is expanding through my bandana, another symptom of dehydration.

And there has not been a moment to buy, let alone break-in, a new pair of shoes.

Distance: 5.15 miles
Weight: 167.5 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Drink: Gatorade
Snack: energy bar
Time: 11.20 am
Temperature: 51ยบ
Weather: crisp & cloudy

Make a Circuit With Me - The Polecats
The Robots - Kraftwerk
Pop Goes the Weasel - 3rd Bass
Stupid Girl - Garbage
La Colegiala - Gary Low
Gone Daddy Gone * - Violent Femmes
I Melt With You - Modern English
Keep Hope Alive (JDS Mix) - The Crystal Method

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