Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Heartbeat! Increasing heartbeat!

Today I ate an entire 11.5 oz. bag of Nacho Cheese DORITOS!

In other news of physical discomfort, over the past several day my meralgia paresthetica has been building, and today it has become truly intolerable. Instead of feeling it only on the outside of my right thigh, it has flared up all down the mid-section of the front of my thigh. Why? Who knows. I just want it to stop.

Distance: 6 miles
Route: Neighborhood loop

Temps hit this week's projected high in the mid-sixties ... and missed it.

Temperature: 48ยบ
Climate: cool
Weight: 168.5 lbs.
Snack: Doritos
Hydration? yes
Stretches? yes

Today was a freak-show. Unhappy and ravenous. No excuses tomorrow, or from here on out. The heartburn was a real distraction, and is not good for me at all. Oh well. That was fun ... kind of. Not really. Not fun at all. Boo.

Oblivious Genius Playlist
Oblivious - Aztec Camera
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us - Sparks
Here's Where the Story Ends - The Sundays
Radio Free Europe (154 bpm) - R.E.M.
Precious - The Jam
Marlene On The Wall - Suzanne Vega
Our Lips Are Sealed - The Fun Boy Three
Dear Prudence - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Wild Wood (154 bpm) - Paul Weller
Skin Trade (Stretch Mix) - Duran Duran
Street Life - Roxy Music
Down In The Tube Station After Midnight - The Jam
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy

There She Goes - The La's

Huh. So I got off the beats-per-minute train, and found myself on the most pleasurable, leisurely run in a long time. I would like to beat 4:00 this time, this time which is possibly my last time. Not sure if I can make that, but keeping my speed up is key. However, it has been quite draining. I need to remember to take it easy and enjoy the road.

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T. Roger Thomas said...

Doritos aren't my thing but I do have a relationship with chips that have melted cheese on them.