Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tonight ... we're not young.

Have you seen the video?

It's gotta be the shoes, Michael. It's just gotta be. I am going to return to the New Balance sneaks for a few runs, and see what the difference is. Went without the chukka boots for a few days, ran six last night, this morning my feet were KILLING.

2012 Heights 5K Earth Day Run
Start: 6:45 pm
Time: 00:22.28

What is irritating to me is that I looked for the Earth Day run last month. I searched for it online and could not find it. Then I get a notice on my FB from that it is tonight. That took a little negotiation in my plans (and an embarrassing text message sent to Mark by accident) so that I register six minutes before the start.

But register I did. The first mile, I felt panicked ... I was projecting to a month from now, imagining feeling that way during the marathon. By the 1 Mile marker, when I heard I was under 7 minutes, I felt much calmer. I do not need to be going that fast on May 20. A marathon is a journey, this was a race. There weren't enough volunteers for there to be time at two miles, I wish there had been, I may have pushed harder during the third mile to beat 21 minutes ... which would have been nice. But it's all right, what I did.

Perfect night for running. Maybe 59ยบ. Sunny. Awesome. And apparently a record turnout for this year's race.

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