Sunday, June 12, 2016

Valdez: Day Two

Rebar bottle tree.
Managed to sleep seven hours last night. I did wake up once at 3:30 but went right back to sleep. At the Post-Fringe Mixer last night, I remembered to ask about fresh brewed coffee, and will I could pop across the street to the grocery store, Meg suggested Latte Dah Espresso which is just up the street. Open at 6 on Sundays, a little beginning of the week treat.

Distance: 3 miles
Avg Pace:  8:22
Duration: 25:06
Route: Port Valdez Loop

Headed out in my hoodie, which turned out to be totally unnecessary. Perhaps I should have packed my windbreaker, only there's no wind. It's cool, but not too cool. Wearing the big cotton hoodie slowed me down.

No headphones, if I had been wearing them I would have missed those two, big black raptors going at each other over Ruth Pond. Maybe I can find out what they were.

Eaten a lot of terrible food the past few days. I even broke down in the Anchorage airport yesterday to get a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks and those are the absolute worst, but it was after eleven Eastern Time and I realized I had only had nuts and dried fruit, no wonder I had a headache.

This morning I had granola, dried fruit and yogurt (thank you, Safeway) and that boss coffee.

Temperature: 45°
Climate: cool, a little overcast
Mood: uncertain

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