Saturday, August 13, 2016

Girl, you better run.

The electricity was out for virtually everyone in town after the big storm. We were just heading home when it happened, no power for a day and a half. When we arrived, fortunately for us, the power was back on, air conditioning running, but we had no way to know how warm the refrigerator had gotten. We said goodbye to pounds of locally sourced beef and a wild salmon steaks.

However, this presented us with a rare opportunity to clean the entire fridge and to solve the problem of why water has been pooling throughout. Yes, we packed the freezer too tightly and when it defrosted water wen where it could, not where it should. Anyway, yay! It's like a new fridge.

Boy Bike/Run
Distance: 3 miles
Avg Pace: 8:56
Duration: 26:47
Route: Forest Hill Loop

The family has spent the morning doing all sorts of housework, I have been working in the kitchen. These kids start school again way too early, and after all the rest and relaxation today is definitely a day to work on making our house ready for the fall.

Trying to keep the boy active, we suggested he ride his bike rather than, say, playing Tanki X for another hour. He asked if I wouldn't run with him. Sure, right? I can't say no when anyone asks me to run with them.

Hot day, very hot. Exhausting. But fun. Listening to the President's playlist, even over the phone's tinny speaker, helped keep momentum up but I told him I planned to cash out at three miles.

Temperature: 88°
Climate: bright, hot, sweltering
Weight: 167.5 lbs. (-3.0)
Goal: 160 lbs.
Mood: anxious

How does one lose three pounds in eighteen hours? Have a light breakfast and then run before lunch. It's all water weight, I am sure it will be back up to 169 tomorrow. Hopefully no more than 169. I was very good yesterday and today at not shoving whatever I saw into my mouth.

It also helps that there is currently no food in the house.

The President's 2016 Summer Playlist: Day
II B.S. - Charles Mingus
Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin
Man Like That - Gin Wigmore
Classic Man - Jidenna ft. Roman GianArthur
Elevator Operator - Courtney Barnett
Me Gustas Tu - Manu Chao
LoveHate Thing - Wale ft. Sam Dew

So, anyone up for the Run Through History 5K at Lakeview Cemetery tomorrow?

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