Sunday, August 14, 2016

Neighborhood Walk/Run

Decided not to run the cemetery race this morning. Waking at six I thought of how I could spend the morning, out in the world, with strangers, for several hours, or home in the comfort of family, taking a slow morning of reading papers, writing down ideas and, you know, perhaps sleeping in a few hours first.

However, upon waking the wife suggested I join her on a walk/run, part of her Couch to 5K training. When someone asks you to run with them, you say yes.

Wife Walk/Run
Distance: 2.08 miles (1.11 running)
Avg Pace: 14:16
Duration: 29:45
Route: Neighborhood Loop

The wife is doing a wonderful job of sticking with it. She has been working with C25K for a year and a half, she'd gotten far but then life intervened, because that is what life does. Running and walking with her today, I am aware of where I have been, and the struggles I endured to make running a daily event.

People ask when it gets easier. I don't have an answer for that. The best I can offer is you must have a reason to keep going, and focus on that.

Temperature: 75°
Climate: muggy
Weight: 170.5 lbs. (+3.0)
Goal: 160 lbs.
Mood: decent

Sweet Jesus.

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