Monday, August 15, 2016

I trip on my feet

Three meals a day, that's it. Not easy to do. Good breakfast, Grape nuts, yogurt, fruit both dried and fresh. For lunch, leftover stir fry and tomatoes, plus I went across the street to the convenience to get a banana.

Then the long afternoon, which included a trip to the library and grocery store to find that the dinner dishes from last night had not been washed. By the time that was cleared up and dinner prepared, I was a bit delirious.

No, I would not have chosen pierogis, but the wife took ill today and I know how soothing she finds potaties. A load of carbs and yet I am still a bit woozy. Not starving, just used to consuming so much more.

This is how I do this.

Distance: 3.2 miles (.8 with the girl)
Avg Pace: 8:45
Duration: 28:01
Route: Neighborhood Loop

Girl sees I'm suiting up, she asks, "How far are you running?" I sai Im running three miles - I've got to run three miles. She says she can't make that.

I say, he. How about a run around the block and then I'll do my rest. She says, that's point-eight miles, yeah, let's do that.

And that's how we do that.

Temperature: 79°
Climate: quite humid
Weight: 170 lbs.
Mood: good
Good God, I am sick of these articles.

Boyz Playlist
Over and Over - Hot Chip
Dance Dance Dance - Lykke Li
LDN - Lily Allen
Knock 'Em Out - Lily Allen
Boyz - M.I.A.

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