Friday, August 05, 2016

Who knows when we shall meet again.

August 5, 2015
One final day in the cove. People are moving onto Martin Point for the weekend, many people, too many cars, they can't be staying for the week. But a breezy, perfect day to run out the end of the point and back. And I felt good, too. Running fast, feeling strong, like I could keep doing this running thing for a while longer now.

So happy I did not actually have a stress fracture. So happy to be with my family, to take my time to run and also sit and think and read. So glad to be alive.

Distance: 3.5 miles
Route: Martin Point Run
Temperature: 73°
Climate: Cloudless, breezy & beautiful
Mood: wistful

Why Me? Playlist
Time - The Alan Parsons Project
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
Just Another Night - Mick Jagger
Black Coffee In Bed - Squeeze
Talking In Your Sleep - The Romantics
The Stroke - Billy Squier

Wrote a blog post about this place and the deep, entwined relationship with pop culture it holds within me. These "Why Me?" playlists would make the perfect soundtrack.

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