Sunday, August 21, 2016

When the wind blows.

Thank you, Rio!
Muggy days, though not as hot. Tomorrow is the first day of school. Yes, the biggest of all summers draws to a close. Both kids now in middle school. And where am I?

Distance: 3.58 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop
Temperature: 73°
Climate: cloudy, beautiful, and a little rain

Exhausted just heading out. Lousy sleep last night, too cold from air conditioning, then too hot. Developed a terrible headache, first in some time. The wife is out of town for the night, a work-related retreat. The kids are big enough to fend for themselves, even to serve me. Brought me the paper in bed, coffee, I just spent the whole morning in bed. That never happens. If it weren't for the headache I would never have let myself.

But it was a good day, hoping for a run. They each had soccer games today, I wanted my exercise, too. Nice, breezy night. It will be cool again soon. I hope its not one of those autumns where I miss the great weather.

Weight: 171.5 lbs. (+1.5)
Goal: 165 lbs.
Mood: heavy

Modified goal. My run was after a dense supper (cheese soup, with bread) but I am not making headway here. Far too many snacks. Looking forward to a normally paced week.

Erie Effusion - LIVE on WRUW 91.1 FM
We Got the Beat - Go-Go's
I Think It’s Me - Go-Go's
Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Dickies
Big Bird * - B-52's
Friend or Foe - Adam Ant and Ants
Sunshine In The Shade - The Fixx
Short Term Effect - The Cure
Mother’s Talk (12" Version) - Tears for Fears

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