Friday, August 12, 2016

Never gone run.

Nicholas Christopher and adoring fans.
Yes, saw Hamilton. The tickets were an end-of-school-year surprise for the kids. The girl practically cried when she received them last June.

Our journey home took us from Lexington, MA to Westport, CT to stay with Harris, Liz and their kids. Monday we spent the day at Coney Island with them. Tuesday was a full day in Manhattan for our family, the four of us taking in Fifth Avenue, the Met, Times Square and then the main event.

We knew when we got these tix in early April that few if any of the original cast members would be performing in mid-August. Doesn't matter, the show is the thing, and we were in, as the say, the room where it happens.

The kids hung out at the stage door hoping to get a few autographs, and were greeted by Nicholas Christopher who stood in for George Washington that evening. He was truly outstanding, just outstanding. His performance of One Last Time almost lifted me out of my seat, I am not kidding.
Want To See A Faster Olympic Marathon? Move It To The Winter Games
By Christie Aschwanden, FiveThirtyEight (8/11/2016)
We're also watching the Olympics, and a lot of it. It was all fun and games until US Women's got crushed this afternoon, that truly sucked.

Distance: 2 miles
Avg Pace: 8:05
Duration: 16:14
Temperature: 88°
Climate: hot, threatening storm

Hot evening run. Kept close to home, in case of rain. The girl was at soccer practice and I did not want to abandon her in case of a sudden storm like which struck the city A couple days ago. And rain it did with distant thunder and I cut my run short.

Weight: 170.5 lbs.
Mood: unsure

My weight is veering dangerously back into its previous territory. This is how it happens. I ate anything I wanted through the entire vacation, and plenty of it. That stuff, too. I need discipline. I need a plan.

I also need to write. There has been very little of that.

The President's 2016 Summer Playlist: Day
Tightrope (The Solo Version) - Janelle MonĂ¡e
Don't Owe You A Thang - Gary Clark, Jr.
Forever Begins - Common

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