Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I just want the summer to end.

Back to school.
So tired this week, or these weeks, or for several months. I was already using a blindfold to block out the sun on Saturday mornings with the idea that it was sunlight which has been giving me headaches on Saturday mornings all these years.

But it wasn't until Alaska and when I began using a sleep mask that I discovered the true effect sunlight has on my sleep even when I work to blot it out. It is as though it gets into my skin.

Even in bed in Maine, I was aware of the sunrise, and so, to at home, the encroaching dawn. These late summer weeks we have stayed up late, and very late, since the Finals, late show comedy show coverage of the conventions, finally the Olympics. It's not just me or the wife, but the kids. We cannot settle down.

We must settle down. I took a nap after work, I am still tired. You've been unusually tired, observes the wife, am I all right? I said if I were to speak to the doctor and told her I was exhausted, she would ask me how much rest I am getting and I would say five or six hours a night and she would reply, well that's your trouble right there.

Distance: 3.58 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Oh God! What a difference a Dave makes. Feeling downright despondent after dinner, helpless, listless. Everyone was out, kids at soccer practice, the wife with them. geared to take a run while they are there. And me and my work. What to do?

I took a nap, a fifteen minute after-supper nap. Put on my gear, and had the strongest, fittest run in some time. Beautiful evening, sun setting over the Rockefeller estate, Folks taking walks in the park, in their yards repairing their cars, working in the garden.

This chemical imbalance, these effects, which make my head ache, my skin itch, my brain unhappy. They are all problems to be solved, issues to be patiently dealt with. Everything. Everything.

Temperature: 77°
Climate: warm, humid and gorgeous
Weight: 169.5 lbs. (-2.0)
Goal: 165 lbs.
Mood: all right now

Summer 2016 Playlist
Thank God For Girls - Weezer
Brazil - Declan McKenna
Clearest Blue - CHVRCHES
Subways - The Avalanches
The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala
You Don't Get Me High Anymore - Phantogram
Endless Bummer - Weezer
Don't You Give Up On Me - Lissie

Well. That pretty much describes my entire summer in one playlist. Check out my Summer 2006 Playlist, created ten years ago this week. It is also chock full of awesome.

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