Thursday, March 15, 2007

Perfect solution to the stress and the strain

Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 5.45 pm
Stretches: yes
Sit-ups: 50
Bicycles: 50
Drink: Gatorade
Weight: 164.5 lbs. (?)
Weather: 36º

1998 Playlist
Take California - Propellerheads
Sexy Boy - Air
Red - Sister Soleil
Kalifornia - Fatboy Slim
Because We Want To - Billie Piper
Outside - George Michael
Cooldown: The Way - Fastball

"There's nothing here but flesh and bone. There's nothing more."

I just realized I think I can do magic. When I run, I truly believe I can cast spells. Whenever I feel a car's tragectory is a little too close for comfort, I squint at them with my right eye, and they swerve out of my way.

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