Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And now I'm feeling better.



Christ, no.

Residency Training period means driving an hour each way to a high school in Elyria. By Wednesday, I am usually becoming very drowsy on the drive home. This is nothing new, it has been going on for nigh 11 years.

In the old days my drug of choice was a 20 ounce Coke or -- when I was training for the marathon -- some kind of "energy" drink. I am not proud of this. This week it takes a 16 oz. soda to get through the afternoon, and for the drive home I play loud rock music, which does the trick. Talk radio is out, it is not out of the ordinary for me to be listening to David Bianculli reviewing the latest hip cable program I can't afford when I suddenly start wailing like a small child, OH MY GOD!! THIS IS SOOO BOOOOORING!!!!

Yes, I know. Everyone does that when David Bianculli is on. But I feel it more.

1974 Playlist
Oye Como Va - Santana
Verb: That's What's Happening - Zachary Sanders
Back in NYC/Lilywhite Lilith - Genesis
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive

The trip home this afternoon was longer than usual, picking up cat food, then the boy, and it's been dark and rainy and when I got home I had a choice. Twenty-minute nap, or twenty-minute run.

I chose wisely.

Distance: 2 miles
Temperature: 43ยบ
Weight: 180.5 lbs.
Weather: rain. pleasant rain.

FYI -- When stopping at the grocery store for cat food, I did not buy up a can of Pringles. I was standing in the aisle. I was looking at them. I had it in my hand, Marcus.

Then I remembered it's Marcos pizza night.


T. Roger Thomas said...

I like the Indian Jones reference.

pengo said...

Thank you.