Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can barely stand on my feet.


Why equivocate? Because my wife loves me and cares about me and knows I have a lot to accomplish this winter/spring and that aspiring the run my second marathon may be asking too much of myself.

It is true. I have to manage the outreach tour, act in a 90 minute two-hander, and conceptualize and prepare to direct King Henry VIII.

However, I did successfully manage Fall residency rehearsals and simultaneously direct a production of Hamlet while training for the 2006 NYC Marathon. But I was only 38 and honestly, it almost killed me. It is the very fact that this is my second marathon that makes me gun-shy, remembering how challenging the first was.

On the other hand (we can go back and forth like this all afternoon, and I have editing to do) I barely knew what I was doing five and a half years ago, I am better prepared, mentally and physically, to handle this. No shin splints, no wondering why I feel the way I feel and what to do about it, I know.

1976 Playlist
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Turn The Beat Around - Vicki Sue Robinson
Brand New Arkansas Traveler/Skinny - Alex Bevan
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones
Somebody To Love - Queen

I missed most of the early-bird registration opportunities, if I want in I would need to sign up by February 29 for it to cost $90, it will jump to $100 after that. If I were to RUN THE CLEVELAND MARATHON (MAYBE) I will need to accomplish the following goals:
Get a new pair of shoes.
Stop eating any processed snack chips.
Lose between ten and fifteen pounds.
Have a water bottle with me at all times.
Play more. Facebook less.
I have chosen a training schedule which is more challenging than the last, but not by much. Increasingly longer runs on Saturdays, that's it. I will need to plan those as best not to cramp my family's needs.

Anyone who knows me, or saw the show, knows I like to badmouth The Cleveland. The the fact is, they have heard me, and they have made changes according to my desires, and for that I am grateful to them. The Tremont leg is a fabulous addition, and they broke up the Chester slog. I think I owe it to them, having satisfied me, to give the Full Cleveland a shot.

Sounds like I have already made the commitment. But believe me, I haven't.

Training begins Tuesday. I think.

Week 0 Total: 8 miles
Distance: 2 miles
Temperature: 28ยบ
Weight: 182 lbs.
Climate: Patchy pavement - some sweetheart plowed at the way up Mayfield from Newbury to Forest Hills Blvd!


Cris said...

David, the second one is easier.

pengo said...

Dude! With one sentence you have made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to back out with any grace what so ever.

steve said...

Glad youre doing this, David! My running days are over, and I'm envious.

pengo said...

Thanks, Steve. Hope my days will stay with me a little while longer.