Sunday, January 08, 2012

The things you think are useless I can't understand.

I suffer to endure pleasant weather in the midst of winter and not have the opportunity to take a run. Time is so short, I have conspired to create moments when I can escape ... Friday night there was a retirement party for my wife's boss, last night a wedding. Weather remains in the 40s, who knows for how much longer. It leaves me depressed.

1972 Playlist
Reelin' In The Years - Steely Dan
Hi Hi Hi - Paul McCartney & Wings
Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Popcorn - Hot Butter
(No More) Mr. Nice Guys - Sparks

Waking from a short nap prior to the festivities, I was suffering from "brain zaps" for the first time since the holidays. This was very unpleasant. Gathering with a large number of people I did not know (I was the date, after all) in the lobby of the Natural History Museum for the wedding, I was overcome with great anxiety, overwhelmed by all the things I have to need, am expected to do, will soon need to do.

There's always something to do. I do not always feel so overwhelmed nor depressed by it.

However, the ceremony itself, pleasant, sincere, non-religious, was moving, special, unique, and lifted my spirits. We moved into the Sears Hall, which features special "evening" lighting. As a child, when there were snow days (often during the blizzards of '77 and '78) my mother would drop me off there by myself so she could attend her art appreciation classes at the CMA. The smell of the Natural History Museum (taxidermy?) holds powerful, positive memories.

Distance: 2 miles
Temperature: 36ยบ
Weight: 180.5 lbs.
Weather: cool. calm. day.

Soon I was feeling more social. Martini on the rocks, sharing my familiarity with Balto, selling Cleveland to strangers, wine, dinner with dinosaurs in the Kirtland Hall, Coke and rum, I wasn't driving. Early to bed, long sleep. And we run.


T. Roger Thomas said...

Sounds like the drink helped to take the edge off

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pengo said...

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