Sunday, May 10, 2015

I tried to run.

After party.
Two days, back to back, without a run. How long has it been since that happened? On Saturday I chaperoned my daughter's middle school orchestra to Cedar Point, which was great fun and a beautiful day for it if you discount the seasonal downpour which hit us around dinnertime.

I have rarely been so happy to be warm in bed. This morning I rose early (for a Sunday) but I have been stiff and a little shaky.

Two nights away from Timon rehearsal feel like forever. On Friday we attended the opening night of Fairfield at the Cleveland Play House, last night the girl joined me on our way home from the day hitting the grocery store for some Mother's Day supplies.
"When Z started 6th grade, she found out she would be going to Cedar Point at the end of the year. When O was in a wheelchair in January, I promised him he could take friends to Sky Zone once he was totally healed. Both those things are happening today, and I am feeling at once happy and a little freaked out by time passing. The future keeps arriving and arriving and arriving, and my house is still a wreck." - the wife, via Facebook
These things are true. And our house is a wreck. But our home is well-organized and clean.

Temperature: 73°
Distance: 3.38 miles
Avg Pace: 8.08
Climate: overcast and humid

When I began work as an actor-teacher in 2001, I dropped a significant amount of weight. Being on my feet all day, in motion, and no long within arms-reach of things to stuff into my mouth, I went from perhaps 170 lbs. to 155 lbs.

Two strange things happened within a year. One, I developed meralgia paresthetica, which I still cope with from time to time. But I also noticed a strange discomfort whenever I wash dishes. There is one small area in the aponeurosis of my abdominal external oblique muscle, on the right side, just below the rib cage. The same spot, always on the right, only when I wash dishes. It is uncomfortable, not debilitating. And only when I am thin.

My massage therapist says it is my liver. She says I have been holding a lot of aggression and that my liver is hard and needs to be softened. I do not think this makes any sense, because I withhold aggression when I am overweight and I do not get this pain, and washing dishes does not make me angry.

Weight: 158 lbs.
From Goal: -2.0
Toe spacers. Not just for running anymore!

Thursday Alcohol Units: -0-
Friday Alcohol Units: 2.0
Saturday Alcohol Units: -0-
End-of-Week Total: 2.0

What's On Daddy's iPhone?
Beat Crazy * - Joe Jackson
I Saw The Light - Todd Rundgren
Goodbye, Girl * - Squeeze

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