Friday, May 29, 2015

Watch me work.

Never been so in the mood for the Talking Heads. Is that not strange?

We sprint toward the finish line - of the school year, and also an impending production. Little time for sleep or exercise. Hiring complete, planning farewell parties, baking dishes for in-school cultural events, rehearsing Timon of Athens in the out-of-doors. So busy for such a short week.

By morning, we run.

Temperature: 73°
Distance: 3.41 miles
Avg Pace: 7.54
Climate: steamy!

First time I trained for a marathon, it was through summer into fall, the second winter into spring. Second time was easier, but in hindsight it had to be. I wasn't starting from absolute zero. I am looking forward to the hot runs, and how I deal with them. Today I felt weak, no doubt because I have had one yogurt today and that's it.

Time for second breakfast. That is a good thing about my new eating habits. I eat one good thing, and am entitled, actually required to eat another good thing.

Having said that after I had my blood drawn Wednesday I stopped in at Eat At Joe's and had two eggs, hash browns, sausage and toast.

The toast was whole wheat.

Weight: 157 lbs.
From goal: -3.0

What's On Daddy's iPhone?
The Good Thing - Talking Heads
Incinerate - Sonic Youth

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