Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Muscles flexing.

Yeah, we're watching this.
Very fast run. The past two days have been very long, with late nights. Mornings have been slow and feeling low. One day without a run seems to have made quite a difference, nothing was slowing me down. Well, except for Sarah calling to ask for medical information for the kids, but that's important, too.

Temperature: 48°
Distance: 3.46 miles
Avg Pace: 8.43*
Climate: cool, overcast, ideal

* This would have been under eight minutes, except for the interruption.

Weight: 159.5 lbs.
From Goal: -0.5

Tired of logging my alcohol units. I have stopped having beer after work, or wine with dinner, or a cocktail to watch TV. I drink when there is a party, or a special occasion. I have entered that realm, I don't need to make note of it. There are two or three drinks per week, that's fine.

In the attempt to graze well, I have been leaning on dried fruit, which apart from the gas it creates, has a lot of sugar. I need to remember to choose fresh vegetables, that was something I had been doing for a few weeks. With Timon rehearsals, I have not been able to secure fresh produce for the house as often as usual, and you should see the pile of laundry.

What's On Daddy's iPhone?
Rock Lobster * - The B-52's

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