Sunday, May 03, 2015

Life's the same, except for my shoes.

She strives.
This blog exists to document each time I run. I have posted a new blog entry every single time I have taken a run since January 2006. There is not a single time I have gone out for any kind of running exercise that I have not made note of it here. That is why I keep this blog, that it its reason for existence.

In the past, I ran, and I might run a couple of days in a row but eventually think, I do not feel like running to day, or oh I ran yesterday, and the days would add up and I would notice I had not taken a run in a long time, that I was stiff, out of shape, that I had gained weight, that I did not feel well.

By keeping this record, there is no mystery. I know when, where, for how long. For over nine years. It is the longest consistent record of my life I have ever kept.

Sometimes these blog entries feel fatuous, and if I thought too much about what I was putting into them, I would probably stop altogether. There are natural catastrophes and public unrest and here I am, whining about my back or how well my diet is going. But there it is, this blog is a record of myself, and I keep it for myself.

I used to post each run entry on my general Facebook page, but I don't do that anymore because sometimes what I have written is kvetchy and it is not necessary to draw undue attention to that and besides most people don't bother checking what the post actually says and just make stupid jokes about the entry headers, which are generally lyrics I heard while running and not meant to be of any significance.

Temperature: 73
Distance: 4.45 miles
Avg Pace: 7.52
Climate: Hot, man. But beautiful.

Weight: 160 lbs.
From Goal: -0-

Girl and I went out for a run, but she can suffer from side stitches, and when she does she falls into a deep funk. No need to contact me to provide advice for side stitches, I know what those are and that isn't the problem. The problem is when events like today occurs and she won't listen but moans on about how she's never going to be a runner. When she gets like this, she is a wall, and no amount of gentle persuasion can make her breathe deeply, perform mild stretches, or even believe there will be a tomorrow.

Friday Alcohol Units: 1.5
Saturday Alcohol Units: -0-
End-of-Week Total: 4.5

Enjoyable relaxing night Friday night, Kelly and Josh have moved into their new house and we went out to celebrate with hot dogs and ice cream. Tried hard to enjoy eating bad food but also not to eat too much bad food. You can consume your weight in tater tots without even noticing it.

Yesterday, all salads, whole grain pasta and popcorn.

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