Saturday, May 23, 2015

You don't know which way to go.

Always something to complain about, for many it has been to cold. So what, you were lamenting a lack of real spring the week before. It's the Midwest everyone settle down. It's going to blaze from here on out.

Temperature: 68°
Distance: 6.15 miles
Avg Pace: 7.49
Climate: Perfect weather. Not a perfect world.

Saw my wife out our front window this morning, taking her run. That was hot.

Weight: 157 lbs.
Goal: -3.0

This week I must schedule the next blood test. It is a test I have been cramming for, and now I appear to be losing steam. Yesterday was carb heavy (because I have become under my ideal weight) and I have been reaching more for yogurt than vegetables when the urge strikes me to eat something. Yogurt is good, as it goes, but it contains a lot of sugars and it's not the priceless energy food I have been happily living on since March.

What's On Daddy's iPhone?
Night By Night - Chromeo

Planning to recycle the old running shoes - ALL the old running shoes. Found a place in Willoughby Hills, is there anywhere closer?

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