Friday, May 01, 2015

This boy is in motion.

Course Map for the 2015 Rite Aid "West Side Suburbs of Cleveland Only Marathon"
They should just call it the Gold Coast Run, visitors from around the country will have the opportunity to see hipsters for the first half of the marathon, and then they get to see where all our professional athletes live.

Temperature: 45°
Distance: 4.12 miles
Avg Pace: 7.44
Climate: gorgeous

Twenty-runs in April? Well, that's a record.

What's on Daddy's iPod?
Happy Day - Talking Heads

Weight: 159.5 lbs.
From Goal: -0.5

Dipping below my goal weight, yesterday was a day for celebration and cutting loose ... having breakfast, lunch, and dinner - rather than a dull impersonation of one of them - and for eating the leftovers on the drive home.

Thursday Alcohol Units: 3.0

What if alcohol were only consumed for a special occasion? The actor-teachers wished to throw Lisa to a surprise 50th birthday dinner, and it was my job to get her there. The timing was a little off so Ali and I diverted her into Parnell's for one drink before heading to the Chocolate Bar up the street.

One pint = 2 unit. Not sure what was in the gooey, chocolate and pretzel encrusted concoction I felt compelled to order (when in Rome, etc.) but I doubt it had more than one shot of anything.

Lisa was really surprised. Great job, everyone!

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