Friday, July 27, 2018

Everybody's coming to my house.

Last night.
Long, relaxing day of birthday revelry yesterday. Did not stray far from the house, except for a walk out to Beatrice Bay.

As we were stepping down out of the woods onto the beach, I hear a muffled crashing sound. The wife said she didn't hear it, but it sounded to me a like a tree falling. Making our way back after some time out on the rock, we discovered that something like a tree had fallen, a very large dead branch lay right across our path.

I was a bit unnerved. That may have struck one of us, or both. She was not concerned. I remain so.

Distance: 3.5 miles
Route: Martin Point
Temperature: 72•
Climate: cloudless & sunny
Mood: worried

Fast run! The fog has burned off (mostly) and it has become a bright beautiful day. About time. My glasses steamed with sea spray by the beach, I had to remove and wipe them off. But it was a brisk run, I felt strong. Even yesterday I did my exercises. I will commit. I will work to achieve. I will be strong.

Exercises: yes

We had a full deck for wine hour last night, and lots of things to eat. The wife made spaghetti and meatballs and a beautiful carrot cake. Michele and her family were present for dinner, of course, and also children of my cousins; Nathan his family -- and Anne, who we happened to run into Wednesday at Round Top. Incredible! I have not seen Anne in perhaps twenty years. Thanks to Facebook, we recognized each other.

So, there's that, Facebook. Thanks.

"We'll Figure It Out"
(Music From the Big Love 2015-2018)

Disc Two:
Dead Sea - The Lumineers
Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
Want You Back - HAIM
tonite - LCD Soundsystem
Remember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz) - Benjamin Bratt & Company
The Way - Fastball
He's a Rebel - The Crystals
The Crown Main Title - Hans Zimmer
All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA
Everybody's Coming to My House - David Byrne
Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe
Heaven On Their Minds - Brandon Victor Dixon & Company
Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges
This Is America - Childish Gambino
Remember Me (Lullaby) - Gael García Bernal, Libertad Bernal & Gabriella Flores

Disc One yesterday.

Oh, and I got tickets to see David Byrne!

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