Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I'm lightning on my feet.

Hi. Yes. Finished the first draft of that script. In bed by eleven Forward!

What I was unable to accomplish was a ten-mile run. I mean, how? When?

I rose at four-thirty today instead and would just see how far I got by six o'clock, when I would need to be home to rouse the kids and get ready for the day. I went the opposite direction to my usual, east on Monticello, but after a little over two miles I startled a skunk, and he startled me. I immediately ran backwards and turned around before he went off on me.

So, anyway. This is becoming challenging, not because of anything physical. Just the calendar.

Distance: 7 miles
Duration: 59:03
Avg Pace: 8:25

Temperature: 73°
Weight: 155.5 lbs.
Intake: banana
Hydration: yes
Water Stop: no
Stretches: yoga (10 min.)

What's That Lyric?
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

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