Friday, April 15, 2016

Two steps on the water.

Action in stasis. It has been some time since I have written something. This was a doubt that I was living with two years ago, just before I started massive writing. Fallow periods, but they aren't fruitless. There are plays to be rehearsed, others to be edited, designs to be pursued, an entire summer of activity and events that require my attention and concentration. It could even be, uh, "fun."

There's also the big race which takes place one month from today. Chris and I are partners in this, his long runs appear almost daily on my MMR feed so I know he's on top of it, and so am I, if not so aggressively. We are discussing just keeping with the eight minute group. My average pace in the Twin Cities was 8:30, can we do this for a half? I think we might.

Distance: 4 miles
Avg Pace: 7:02
Route: Cain Park Loo

Temperature: 54°
Climate: bright and sunny
Weight: 163.5 lbs. (+1.5)
Mood: good

165 - 169 BPM Playlist
Foundations - Kate Nash
She's Long Gone - The Black Keys
Hounds of Love - The Futureheads
All Wrong - Kaada
... And Then You Die - The Receiver
Young Americans - David Bowie
About You Now - Sugababes
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul - XTC

How far, how fast? False start at 170 - 174 BPM, I couldn't make that today. What I did was brisk enough! Hope to try that again tomorrow.

God, I love Spring.

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