Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch.

Saturday was a bit overwhelming ... as confident as I was running eighteen miles, going out for an extended meal and a show threw me considerably. And Sunday we had a triple run-through technical rehearsal for The Velocity of Autumn, and had no time to take a recuperative follow-up three-mile run. I am sore. I am bruised. I am very, very tired.

And yet, I feel bright and alive, more mentally competent than I have in ages. Positive. Engaged. On my feet. On my game. However, I need to sleep more, and I need to drink more water, all the time, every day.

Distance: 6 miles
Route: Neighborhood loop

Audio: I Hate This (radio drama)

Temperature: 63ยบ
Climate: Nice.
Weight: 167 lbs.
Snack: no
Hydration? yes
Stretches? yes

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