Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ain't lost yet, so I gotta be a winner.

Week 11 Total: 35 miles
Training to Date: 287 miles

Question: Run today, when it is cold and dry, or tomorrow when it may be warm and wet? What I really want to avoid, have avoided, is destroying my feet. I am prepared for a forty degree run, though it may be less than pleasant. The other night I ran in 40 degree temps and both knees hurt for two days.

However, once I get an idea in my head, it is hard to stop it. I got up at 5 AM, drank coffee and snacked, waiting for the necessary to occur, before stepping out at 6 AM.

I chose long pants. And gloves. Good call, very good call.

Distance: 20 miles
Duration: 3 hours, 6 minutes
Route: Cleveland Heights to Lakewood
Band-aids: check
Lip balm: check
Bottle: check
Body glide: check?

Factory of Gladness!

Temperature: 39ยบ
Climate: cool, very slight mist at times
Pre-Snack: banana, toast
Road-Snack: GU 2x*, cereal fruit bar
Hydration? yes!
Stretches? yes

*GU Roctane Island Nectars. Gross! Also the old stand-by, Vanilla Bean (cuz I -heart- caffeine.)

Thank you, Gypsy, for letting me pee.

The aggravation of carrying a sloshing water bottle for twenty miles was entirely worth it. The last two miles were a bit of a slog, keeping the end of Lake Avenue in sight ... but then running around the block to get to my parents' house to make it a true 20-miler.

Step Sequencer (164 bpm)
In The Meantime - Spacehog (168 bpm)
Tiger by the Tail (163 bpm)
I Will Dare - The Replacements (167 bpm)
Bolt (160 bpm)

A little Replacements in there, in honor of my brother, who is visiting from the Twin Cities to see The Velocity of Autumn tonight! He took me out for brunch at the Root Cafe, before driving me back to the Heights.


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