Monday, March 21, 2016

Who's tripping down the streets of the city?

Beautiful day yesterday. Yes, it was a little chilly but we spent little time out doors. Mom joined us at the aquarium, I think she really liked that. Traditionally when we get the cemetery a little clean up is in order.

I realized some time ago that a communal grave for neonatal deaths would eventually lose attendants. People move, or they move on. After a hard winter, or any winter at all, the stone would be covered with mud, leaves, and acorns, perhaps a small toy or stuffed animal soaked in dirt.

We bring a small rake and a broom, tools to clean the stone before we decorate. Yesterday I was surprised to find it had been recently visited, someone had thoroughly cleaned the stone and there was a bouquet a blue and white silk flowers.

We remember.

Distance: 3 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Slow run today, just chugging along. I am just exhausted. It doesn't help that I chose to wear the winter running jacket, it makes me feel like a plump bear.

Not just physically exhausted, emotionally so. There are so many things going on, in work, in art, and in family and family and more family. This did not start last month, I have felt as though the floor were about to collapse for some time now. And then it did.

But there's another floor beneath that one, and it caught me but it's also kind of creaky.

Temperature: 28°
Climate: cool
Weight: 162.5 lbs.
Mood: sleepy

1967 Playlist
Psyché Rock - Pierre Henry
Memphis Soul Stew - King Curtis
Windy - The Association
Run, Run, Run - The Velvet Undergound & Nico
Are You Experienced? - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees
Blindman - Big Brither & The Holding Company
Carnaby St. - Book T. & The MG's

Green Onions - Booker T. & The MG's

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