Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ache in my leg from a broken seat.

I get to run over this.
Be careful playing with teenagers. I was conducting a jump improv workshop yesterday and assumed the sitting position of one of the players, with legs severely crossed. The rest of the day my hip hurt.

Also, I did something to my back. Not serious, but a reminder that whatever happened last winter is some kind of permanent.

Distance: 4 miles
Avg Pace: 8.05
Route: Forest Hills Loop

Weary start. Light rain, but constant. Perhaps the kind of morning I would have passed on, but this is training. The lagoon was flooded, the path nearest it washed out. There was one spot in the woods where I need to double back to get in a good leap. Kept my shoes mostly dry, no surprise puddles anywhere.

Temperature: 72°
Climate: light rain
Weight: 157.5 lbs. (-2.5)
Intake: fruit yogurt & granola
Hydration: yes
Stretches: yes

What's That Lyric?
Hawaiian Air - Friendly Fires

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