Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Run for cover in the temple of love.

Our first full day was one of happy excess, dinner that of loaded macaroni and cheese and alcohol found in surprising places. An aging individual, I find more and more that consumption of alcohol in any amount makes me restless, these past two nights I have found myself awake in the middle of the night.

Fortunately for me, modern technology has provided a backlit reading device with which I can while the time until again I drowse and so my three a.m. alertness does not bother me. It helps to know I have absolutely nothing to do the next day. Nothing at all.

However - and this is a trick I have learned on my journeys to New York - I always fare better when I force myself to rise and take that run. It makes the rest of the day just that much easier. But I will need a nap later.

Distance: 5 miles
Avg Pace: 8.06
Route: Topsail Beach

DID YOU KNOW ..? You can program specific BPM into Spotify? Okay, maybe you did, I just figured that out. MMR says I was just over eight minutes, but the lady told me my split pace was 7:57 as I finished, so I will imagine that to be correct.

Running at 165 BPM, I need to find out if that is eight minutes on pavement. It's probably much faster.

Temperature: 79°
Climate: sunny! breezy!
Intake: yogurt & granola
Hydration: yes
Stretches: yes

Running out into the morning sun, heading back into the wind. While they each slowed me down a bit, they also have their pleasures. Also, running in the morning means not having to dodge all the other beachgoers -- and they don't have to deal with ME.

Wore proper shoes. Feet feel great.

What's That Lyric?
Temple of Love - Sisters of Mercy

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